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We at Jason’s Hydroponic Garden believe it’s crucial to return to the basics of food: it should be fresh, tasty, healthy, easy to get, and grown sustainably every day. We are working to create a better future for food for everyone.

I remember in my hometown where fresh produce was amazing and readily available at local markets, picked just hours before. This kind of freshness is becoming rare, and it’s harming both nature and our health.

The use of pesticides, early harvesting, and long-distance transportation means we rarely get truly fresh food, leading to widespread health issues like obesity and heart disease. It’s not too late to change how we grow and get our food.

Reimagining the Future of Food

Jason’s Hydroponic Garden is at the forefront of this change, thanks to three technological advances.

First, affordable LED lights that mimic perfect sunlight; second, our soil-less vertical growing system developed with McGill University that allows for large-scale indoor farming; and third, AI and machine vision that constantly tends to the plants.

We’ve taken these innovations further to enable everyone to have self-sustaining indoor gardens that produce large amounts of delicious, nutritious food year-round in just 2 square feet, without any hassle.

It’s a step towards healthier living, even for those with the busiest schedules.

Our Mission and Vision

It is our mission to make healthy eating accessible to everyone, not just the wealthy. Meanwhile, our vision includes helping communities in food deserts or where fresh produce is hard to come by. Imagine cities filled with distributed farming networks, where every space, be it a home, office, or public area, can grow fresh produce efficiently.

Jason’s Hydroponic Garden is about bringing nature back into urban spaces, making our cities more sustainable, and redefining fresh, tasty, and healthy food for all. We’re committed to innovating for the future of food, with the well-being of our environment and ourselves in mind.