Getting Started to Hydroponics

How to Maintain Your Hydroponics System

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For short-term crops like lettuce, which are harvested within 6 to 7 weeks, a “set it and forget it” approach, where the water isn’t changed, might be feasible.
However, for longer-term crops such as tomatoes that need a full growing season, or herbs that are harvested continuously, it’s important to change the water in your hydroponic system. This practice supports both plant health and food safety by preventing …

Getting Started to Hydroponics

Tips for Choosing the Right Plants and Seeds for Your System

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Choosing the right plants is crucial when starting hydroponics. Moreover, your choice of plants is heavily influenced by the available light and heat in your setup.
If you’re looking for plants that are suited for hydroponic systems all year round, you can go for lettuce, herbs, and plants that belong to the Brassica family. These include mustards, kale, and similar vegetables, which thrive in hydroponic systems throughout the year.
Varieties like amaranth …

Getting Started to Hydroponics

Food Safety While Harvesting Plants from a Hydroponics System

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Warm environments in hydroponic systems, particularly those with supplemental lighting, can create ideal conditions for the growth and spread of bacteria and viruses due to the combination of heat and standing water.
It’s crucial that you maintain good hygiene practices to prevent introducing pathogens into your system. Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching any part of your hydroponic setup, whether you’re planting new seeds, changing the water, checking the pH, adding nutrients, or performing any other maintenance tasks.
This simple step can significantly reduce the risk of contaminating your system …

Getting Started to Hydroponics

A Quick Guide to Starting Your Own Small-Scale Hydroponics System

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Hydroponics is essentially a method that lets you grow plants without using soil. This works throughout the year and saves more water compared to traditional soil gardening.
Plants grow faster and produce more in hydroponic systems. For hydroponic gardening, you’ll need plants, a container, water, something to hold the plants in place, nutrients, and a light source.
You can grow vegetables hydroponically both inside and outside. Meanwhile, if you’…

Getting Started to Hydroponics

How to Maintain a Small-Scale Nutrient Film Technique System

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The Nutrient Film Technique (NFT) system is highly adaptable and can be scaled to fit various production sizes. This ranges from small home setups to large commercial operations.
The key to success with NFT hydroponics lies in regular monitoring and maintenance of the system. This includes checking the nutrient solution’s pH and electrical conductivity (EC), ensuring the pump and irrigation system are functioning correctly, and inspecting plants for health and growth progress.
By keeping a close eye on these aspects, you can grow healthy plants and achieve high-quality, marketable crops. But how exactly do you maintain …