A Quick Guide to Starting Your Own Small-Scale Hydroponics System

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Hydroponics is essentially a method that lets you grow plants without using soil. This works throughout the year and saves more water compared to traditional soil gardening.

Plants grow faster and produce more in hydroponic systems. For hydroponic gardening, you’ll need plants, a container, water, something to hold the plants in place, nutrients, and a light source.

You can grow vegetables hydroponically both inside and outside. Meanwhile, if you’re growing indoors, using artificial lights can speed up the growth process.

Start Growing Plants All Year Long

Since hydroponics is a soilless gardening method suitable for both indoor and outdoor settings, it’s ideal for those with limited space or for growing herbs and vegetables in winter.

This method is more efficient in terms of space and water usage than traditional soil gardening, and growing in water eliminates weeds. With artificial lights, you can practice hydroponics throughout the year, even in colder regions like Minnesota.

Herbs and leafy greens, which don’t bear fruit and have shorter growing seasons, are excellent for indoor hydroponic gardening during winter.

In summer, strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers thrive in hydroponic systems. Many commercial growers are now choosing hydroponics over soil for these crops.

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